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What kind of dents are repairable?

Known as a fast, economical, and ecological method, paintless dent repair shops can fix many types of dents on a vehicle. The location and condition of the dent normally determine whether or not a vehicle body can be restored by using paintless dent repair techniques.

Where should the dent be located ?

A dent can be anywhere on a vehicle. Either it is on the roof, hood, door, fender or even on the trunk, a paintless dent removal technician evaluates at first the vehicle part on which the dent is located and then assesses if it is necessary to remove this part from the vehicle to proceed to the repair.
There is indeed no limit regarding the size of a dent as long as the vehicle body and the paint stay in a repairable condition.

In what condition should be the dent?

Vehicle body and paint must be repairable, which means that the body is not crumpled, expanded, nor perforated, and that the paint is not cracked. It would be otherwise impossible for a paintless dent repair shop to refurbish the vehicle body as well as the paint to their original condition.

Which dents cannot be restored?

− Dents caused by major impacts, like car crashes.
− If the vehicle body is crumpled, expanded, or perforated
− If the paint is cracked.
Most insurance companies cover paintless dent repairs. In addition, Dboss provides a courtesy car to allow customers to go about their business while the technician is working on their vehicle.
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